A New Royal Wedding! Queen Elizabeth Will Marry Her Diving Instructor Later This Summer

Royal Family fans, get ready to completely lose it, because this is huge. Wedding bells are ringing again in the House of Windsor, as its been announced that Queen Elizabeth will marry her scuba diving instructor this summer! Another royal wedding? Yes, please! Since the announcement, the

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The 5 Most Affordable Places To Raise Your Kid If You Can Already Tell Theyre Going To Be A Fuckup

Looking for the perfect place to settle down? These five cities are diamonds in the rough for any parent whose kid is clearly going nowhere. 1. Toledo, Ohio With high salaries and low housing prices, Toledo brings incredible value to the table. The schools arent great, so if you already know

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This Guy Told Us He Was Star Wars Kid, And Why Would You Lie About Something Like That?

If you were online in the early aughts, you definitely remember Star Wars Kid, the teenager whose inadvertent recording of himself flailing a golf ball retriever like a lightsaber became one of the very first viral hits. Maybe this will jog your memory: See the resemblance? If not, consider what

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