This Incredible Project Proves That It Takes A Village To Change The World

“Leave only footprints.” Those three words stand at the helm of an innovative recycling initiative that could very well change the developing world. When Robert Bezeau relocated from Canada to Panama, he realized that low-income areas don’t just lack the resources that come to mind when we think

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Digital Divorce: Who Gets Which Accounts in the Split?

When a formerly happy couple calls it quits, who gets the Farmville money in the divorce settlement? Technology permeates nearly every inch of life today, including love and marriage. The Internet provides ways for singles to meet, gadgets and devices present opportunities and challenges to

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Mike Pence Literally Refuses To Call Former KKK Leader David Duke ‘Deplorable’

On Monday, Indiana Governor Mike Pence was asked by CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer whether he would characterize David Duke, the white supremacist and former Imperial Wizardof the KKK, as deplorable. Pence, who could potentially become Americas next vice president, refused to do so. He said, Im not in

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