Private Equity Firms Race To Create The Next Hotel For Hipsters


This Guy Hung A Mexican Flag At Vancouver’s Trump Tower For The Best Reason

A Mexican-Canadian construction worker sent a powerful message to Republicanpresidential candidate Donald Trump by hanging the Mexican flag from the roof of the nearly completed Trump Towerin Vancouver, Canada. The construction worker, Diego Reyna, did so in response to Trump’s incendiary

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We Asked People From Other Countries What They Think About Donald Trump

If you’re among the many Americans terrified by the prospect of Donald Trump becoming president, a lot of people across the globe are right there with you. The US wields unparalleled influence in the world. America is one of the founding members of both NATO and the United Nations (and a

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YouTube Video Sparks Violence in Libya, US Ambassador Killed

The United States ambassador to Libya, J. Christopher Stevens, was killed along with three staff members in an overnight attack against the American Consolate in Benghazi. The attack was apparently sparked by outrage over an anti-Islamic video recently posted to YouTube. The clip that sparked

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Donald Trump Just Told Everyone He Has A Big D*ck

We thought we’d seen and heard it all from Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, but we were wrong. At the beginning of the GOP debate on Thursday night, Trump addressed insults recently lobbed back and forth between him and Senator Marco Rubio. Rubio recently made fun of Trump for

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